Fuel Additive

Fuel Additive



Our fuel additive is specially designed to increase fuel efficiency, prolong engine life, improve horsepower and performance, and reduce carbon emissions.  Pricing:  3 oz Bottle: $10.00       8 oz Bottle:  $20.00       Note:  1 oz treats 80 gallons    Also available by the gallon!

Each bottle treats 625 Gallons!

  • Reduces Fuel Consumption by 5% – 12%
  • Increases Horsepower; boosts Octane and Cetane
  • Cleans Fuel Pump and injectors
  • Removes Water from Fuel
  • Improves Upper Cylinder lubricity
  • Reduces Emissions
  • Biocide: Controls bacteria growth in fuel
  • Stabilizes Fuel for 2 years +
  • Protects against tank corrosion


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